This is a really cool, historical document! The very first issue of The Vegan News in which Donald Watson fist published the word “vegan” with a description of what it means.

Fancy, sweet water! It’s just water, sugar, and almond flavoring. How difficult can it be? It’s very nice. It’d be lovely at a brunch.

Wraps are so easy and yummy. They’re simple to make very low fat, too, but this one’s made with leftover buffalo bites (from Source in San Fran!). I use TJ’s whole wheat lavash bread. You can really get creative. If I wasn’t already married I would marry the whole concept of the WRAP - I love it that much.

Strawberry lemonade icebox cake (I totally winged it - vegan cream cheese, silken tofu, lemon juice, sugar, and canned coconut cream with vanilla wafers and strawberries) and Granda Whiskers’ marvelous apple pie

Wow! Dessert. Prepared whole wheat crust. A jar of berry preserves with a couple handfuls of frozen blueberries on top. Then a streusel made with whole wheat pastry flour, Earth balance spread, and chopped macadamia nuts. I poured a couple tablespoons of melted spread over the top. Wow!!!

Shoot! I started wolfing down my Sonoma chickeny pizza on fresh naan before I remembered to get a photo. It was good and the same as the one I made and posted about just a few days ago.

Appetizers! Veggie pizza rolls and cashew mushroom flatbread pizza

Lunch! Veggie pepperoni, sausage, and mushroom French bread pizza.


We kicked off the celebration with a breakfast pizza. I used Mom’s Vegan Kitchen biscuit mix for the crust (1/2 recipe) and topped it with white gravy, sausage, tempeh bacon, Daiya cheddar, crumbled baked tofu, green onions, and bacon bits. IT WAS SO GOOD! Can’t wait for lunch…

This pizza was crazy good. It’s got grapes on it! And poppy seeds! It’s modeled after a pizza Roseville Whole Foods used to make before they decided to only ever offer boring, old artichoke as their ready-to-eat vegan option. I used naan from a great Indian food booth at the Farmers’ Market. On my pizza stones it bakes into a perfect, crispy slice. I am going to make this poppyseed combo again for sure. I’m craving it already. Here’s what I did: pesto Veganaise spread on the naan then added mozerella (I used Daiya). I shook on a generous amount of poppy seeds then topped with chopped veggie chicken (Gardein), chopped celery, sliced red grapes, pecan pieces, and bacony bits. Oh, man, I need to stop thinking of this pizza. Next time I’m adding red onion. If I had some vegan feta (like Heidi Ho) I’d use that, too.

EDIT: I have to add to that when I went in to the Whole Foods this morning and talked with the fine folks about Vegan Pizza Day they told me they had just had a DIFFERENT pizza for us other than that horrendous (yeah, I said it) artichoke pizza. I am bummed I missed it, but am excited at the thought of catching something new sometime soon if I’m lucky!